Becoming a Better Storyteller

A few weeks I was listening to a podcast, pulled up to my destination, but then sat in my car for 10 minutes because I was so engrossed in the podcast. It was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast playing discussing an ancient Roman battle. It wasn’t exactly pertinent information that I needed for that day!

Dan is such a good storyteller that I needed to listen to more.

Having that ability to draw people in is a skill that I’ve wanted to develop for many years.  Becoming a better storyteller is my next personal development goal, which is one the 7 habits of highly effective real estate agents.

Why do I want to become a better storyteller?

  1. It’ll help me build a better brand. The more memorable your content is, the more people remember it and come back and listen to it. Building your brand is the most important thing that you can do as a real estate agent. It’s the most undervalued asset now. Storyteller = Better brand building = more clients. It’s that simple.
  2. It puts “virtual networking” on steroids. People relate to stories and have an easier time remembering facts when they associated with a story, versus a dry bullet point. What books have you read where you feel like you know the characters? What personalities do you follow on the Internet where you feel like you’re friends with the person? We all know logically that it’s impossible, yet we feel like e know these people! That is virtual networking. And I want to put my virtual networking on steriods.

Action Plan

Talk is cheap. Action is what matters. Here is my action plan for becoming a better storyteller:

  1. I purchased Alex Blumberg’s (NPR reporter and master storyteller) Power Your Podcast with Storytelling course.
  2. Activity dissecting what other storytellers are doing. For example, when I hear something, I’m pausing it and then roleplaying in my mind how I could do that in one of my podcasts.


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