Hi, my name is Chris Lopez. I'm documenting my journey of building wealth as a real estate agent.

Why I Became A Real Estate Agent

In 2003 as a sophomore in college I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” The book’s message resonated with me. I immediately put my effort towards building a business to achieve financial freedom. I rode the early trends of the Internet and built two businesses that produced enough residual income that I didn’t need a job when I graduated.

I had achieved financial freedom in my twenties. 

But, there was a problem. The residual income was from a business, not investment assets. Residual income from products and services eventually decline. Investment income from stocks and real estate allow for true financial freedom.

In 2017 I became real estate agent to build a real estate portfolio. Here are the three main reasons:

  1. To generate income to fund my investments.
  2. To network and build my rolodex in the industry.
  3. To learn the nuances of real estate transactions.

Collaboration and Mentorship

Part of my previous success was due to the great mentors that I had over the years. When starting my real estate business, I immediately sought out mentors to collaborate with. Finding good mentors is one of the best ways to achieve success and make one’s business “go vertical.” 

I found two great ones who will be active contributors to Mr. Real Estate Agent:

Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy is the director of recruiting at Your Castle Real Estate. He’s been in the real estate business for over ten years. He’s recruited and helped hundreds of agents build their business.

Charles Roberts

Charles is the President of Your Castle Real Estate. He became an agent to become a better investor, but found great success being a real estate agent for others as well. He’s helped build Your Castle to over 500 agents. As an investor, he’s completed dozens of fix-and-flips and owns a large rental portfolio. As an agent he’s closed over 400 deals and has mentored agents in thousands of transactions.

"Document, don't create."

Gary Vee

I 100% agree with that quote and concept! Documenting my journey will build my network and lead to new opportunities.  I’m documenting my journey through the “Mr. Real Estate Agent” Podcast.


The podcast focuses on various topics:

  • Building your digital brand to merge your online and offline activities.
  • Interviews with successful agents.
  • The latest strategies for generating leads.
  • What marketing avenues to focus your time and money on.
  • Personal finance, business structuring and tax strategies for real estate agents.
  • Plus a lot more!

This website is currently a work in progress…. check back for more updates.